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The Power of Two

It’s been awhile since I have tapped into my creative writing.. But thanks to the encouragement of Rahul who I knew through blogging a few years ago and again encouraged me to tap my inner thoughts this time for professional blogging but you know I can only do this much.. With free form.. To Zye who has prompted me to write at wordpress at who has found her own bravery..

The bluer or even bluest sky is not far-fetched.. Life is a continuous process of learning and an element of time and change.. Funny how one finds light unexpectedly through mirrors and cat’s stare and even the gravity of a falling apple.. How funny it is to appreciate the scent of flowers, the stars, the waves and the skies and to wait for sunsets.. And to find healing through music, balance, dance, laughters and smiles.. Funny how to believe in the power of two and perhaps in the power of zero (0) which is an infinite number or even integer itself.. Funny to believe in numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5? Funny to believe in unshaken bridges and ropes.. And it has given me my own blue skies..

I recently looked back at my posts years ago.. I did look back to certain parts of it.. A lot of times, I didn’t want to fully look back for there were questions and prayers unanswered but to find answers sometimes we have to fully look back.. So I looked back even if some parts were nothing of a grimace.. My eyes have always been a mirror of souls and my senses a resonance of experiences that has succumbed to changes.. Even worldly matters did not matter much anymore and that surviving is not living itself and that dining is giving people my own time and moments are efforts.. and faith was not merely a handed down reason but a choice and an experience.. And it never failed to give me hope and yes again, blue skies..

So cheers to the journeys and travels to bluer and clearer skies where ever our paths may lead us.. the journey of the “I”, the journey of perfect imperfect two, the bridges of three?? four?? five??, etc. and even the infinity of zero (0).. and yes, the journey even of numbers and ropes and chains and links and fate and destiny.. Life will always be a bumpy or not so bumpy ride.. “But never fret, I will be here” and yes “Believe”..


Langit sa Lupa?: Ayaw ko nang Bughaw, Gusto ko ng Azul; Photo credits to Rhodze QF straight from Makati, Philippines


Like That of a Child

In the wake of events that happened to the world… we all are saddened… we all have our opinions about things and our thoughts about life… i could say the human mind is really quite amazing so much that thoughts can translate into words and words into actions… but let us remember to be like the child who prays for everyone… the innocent child who say “thank you” for life’s little blessings and prays to ease suffering and perhaps world peace… my piece of thought is not much but i hope it echoes through you like a child’s… let not hate reign over us… it is always better to condemn the act than a person… let the pain and suffering heal in time… my prayer may be not that much but remember that it would mean a lot for a child


I wait and wait till my eyes turned dry. My glass shoes will soon wore out. I wait for what I dream you to be and not for what you really are. Exasperated, tired and trudging. I become impatient. Yet I still wait even if every ounce of my energy has been no more. I close my eyes just as the Little Prince said that the most important things in life cannot be seen by the naked eye.I have long believed in the Little Prince and the fairy tales of yonder years. But much wiser now, I take caution. Yes, I am afraid for I don’t want to hurt lest hurt you. But I am ready to take the chances if that waiting is worth taking that chance. I can defy all odds if you bring me in the deeper paradigm of love and light. For my eyes are dimmed by darkness but a glimmer of light will make me shiver through my spine and create a spark that only time and circumstance can let me see. Soon my dear, I say to myself and put on a sigh that breathes and carries the weight on my shoulders.

The Essence of Pain

We all have our share of joys and pain in life. But have we found the real essence of pain? As they say, how can we know wealth when we are not poor? How can we know joy when we have not gone through pain? Every teardrop that flows simply shows that we are normal beings. Yet pain is pain. It is the blues and the sadness. But as they say, these too shall pass. And when they pass, there’s always one learning – to be stronger. No matter what the ordeal is, we will survive in our own battles. We were born fighters and not quitters.

Just a positive thought to help people get by. As well as to help me find my way. After all, everybody and everyone is susceptible to pain!

I chanced upon this article…… and realized how often true what it was saying. Although it’s a good read, I wasn’t able to finish it because it was too long… Sometimes you just grow tired of reading long posts especially on a day when you’re not in a good mood or in the habit of reading… But I did pick-up a few notes on which to deal with…

I believe being alone is not loneliness but solitude. A chance to be alone like a walk on the shore lines of the beach and listening to the sound of waves is my cup of tea. I don’t know if it’s eccentric but being to push yourself always around with someone is not the answer to life’s mysteries. Sometimes you have to depend on yourself… you and you alone… But that doesn’t mean you’re not happy… As the article is leading to the fact that happiness is a feeling or emotion… But I do think that happiness involves the acceptance that you are happy no matter how great or small your happiness may be… Happiness don’t rely on other persons but rather on the amount of accepting that even simple things can give joy… For example, a time to smell the fragrant flowers of the garden or seeing the sunset…

Well, I opt to be alone… I wish “aloneness” was such a word but not synonymous to loneliness but rather a word for solitude. I am alone but there is more… I will choose to be so for “aloneness” and solitude will always be what I opt to feel… If it’s the only way to find peace… I will not regret and I will not falter…


Have you fathomed the idea of ageing? Of how people grow old with only a mirror to turn to and realize that beauty fades… just like that… just at a glance? When that happens what will be left of that face? Of that complexion? Of that smile or even that dimple? Everything else fades but true nature doesn’t. So when you look at me and see only what is appealing to the eye then close your eyes and feel like you are blind. For what you see now is not what will always be. And I think I deserve more than a stare or looking at.

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Two Roads to One


Two roads I fathom brightly. One that leads me to some place and moment in time. Two roads where one’s bliss is eternal. Two roads where love is immortal. Two roads that perhaps can be to forever. O, let me journey through that road. That road that may lead me to where destiny has brought me to. One road where I will fully succumb and accept wholly. I have chosen that one road. But that road may not be wise. That road maybe a bumpy ride. That road maybe a whirlwind or even a roller-coaster of emotions. That road may not be even a peaceful place. So I set my pace. Hard as it may seem. I will wait till my senses draws me to you or lest it drives a lunar case. But I will not falter! I will fight for that traveled road only if it will lead me to you. But wait, does that one road lead me to you? Or it will just be another dream i would fight for with futility? So now, I wake up in order to escape. Will I run as fast or just as slow? I know not the end of this. But I’m wishing against hope that it will lead me to you. For that one road I will not regret. That one road may not even be made of eternal bliss but only a second of joy. But that would be enough. It’s all I ask for…

I don’t owe anybody explanation and neither do you!!! But a smile or laugh is a contagious one… It makes people want to do the same… A smile is just a smile and a laugh is just a laugh unless we put our heartfelt emotions with it… Sometimes a smile can be deceiving… A laugh may even be sarcastic… But one that comes from the heart is a smile or laugh that is true to the very word of happiness… Some people are born actors… They can smile even if they wanted to frown…. They can laugh even if deep inside there’s sorrow or confusion…. Whatever the purpose may be sometimes we don’t owe explanations to other people… We should not be born to please everybody… But sometimes it is better to explain even if not asked at all… But then again, maybe not… Why am I writing this? I just wanted to smile or laugh… You may even smirk or frown in confusion… Well, you are entitled to your own emotions just as I am entitled to my own… I look out in the mirror and smile or even laugh… Crazy me!!! But it’s just being human… So sometimes even if tears are falling down your eyes or you’re almost getting there crying… To stop it is to smile instead… Well, this is a tough one but as they say in a song, “Smile though your heart is aching….”. No matter what emotion we feel, the aspect of being human is to totally feel and create memories of it…I like it when I smile or laugh and I like it when you smile or laugh… Or when your eyes would smile and meet mine… What am I talking about? Just blah…blah… blah… nonchalantly. Now, tell me why do you smile? Did I give you a reason to smile?




Let your light beam brightly in the darkness. Let your beauty radiate through and through… to inspire… to understand… to give happiness… Let it be an epitome of joy and contentment… Simple as you are… Simply being you…. Let it engulf the shadows that gives you the creeps and the blues… Let the light continue shining and help you find grace

Very real …

Project Naked

This is one of the reasons I love facebook and can’t quite give it up because I come across amazing things like this from the various pages I follow. This is the amazing work by Carol Rossetti, so simple yet so powerful! I wanted to share on the blog because I felt it so fitting and something a lot of woman will relate to. Also the illustrations are just too KICK ASS not to share.












Posted with permission. Please go to http:// to see more of her amazing work!

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